Giving is a Christian privilege.  We want to become more generous and cheerful in our financial backing of the Kingdom of God.

At Christ Church, we do not take a strict view of tithing (10%).  For some 10% may be too much to give, for others too little.  The Church of England nationally has recently suggested as a guideline that we might aim to give 5% of our income to our local church and 5% to other good causes. 

Crucially, we aim to give not just for survival but for growth.

We also support mission societies, including Crosslinks, the Bible Society, the Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS) as well as Lark in the Park, a local initiative.   

There is a collecting box in church and envelopes available with a form on enabling us to reclaim Gift Aid.  Alternatively you can give by Direct Debit (for bank details, contact church treasurer Paul Atkinson 020 8300 1350).           


God's kingdom will outlast pounds and pence, but for now God uses them to help build what will last forever.