Pew news 15th April 2018

Vicar’s Column

It would not be hard to pick holes in the Church.  I use a capital “C” because I am talking about the whole global phenomenon known as “The Church”.  It is a universe unto itself that includes the best and worst, the glorious and the awful. 

I am not suggesting for a moment that Jesus recognises everything that calls itself “Church” as the real thing.  He would condemn all the Church has done in disobedience to him.  Yet, on the day of our Annual Meeting, let’s focus on one overwhelming truth: Jesus loves the Church!    

I am going to preach from Ephesians 4 this morning about God’s goal and strategy for the Church, the one community in heaven and on earth to which he has pledged his power.  Later in Ephesians, we learn that the Church is the, “Bride of Christ”.  He loves us, and gave himself to death for us (Eph 5:25).  He feeds and cares for his beloved bride as his own body (Eph 5:29). 

It’s true, the church might at times not appear the most attractive bride.  But next to her stands the Almighty Jesus Christ, her bridegroom who loves her!  So critics would be well advised to speak about her shortcomings with care!         

To be part of this Church community, Christ Church, is to share a privilege we must never underestimate.  We are Jesus’ beloved church, and as we meet later to talk formally about our life in the Annual meeting, let’s remember that we are handling what heaven sees as treasure.  

The details of money, fabric, leadership and governance are all vital.  I’m grateful for those who have worked hard to prepare these details for our scrutiny.  But above all the detail, we can have no greater aim than to be the best we can be for Jesus himself, to please him who loves us. 


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