Pew news 20th May 2018

I think everyone at the Church Council (PCC) meeting last Monday would agree that it was a privilege to be in the room.  I hope the whole church family shares the sense of wonder at God’s provision as I explain how we were able to arrive at a unanimous decision to go ahead with the West Wing project. 

The West Wing annexe will provide extra meeting space for Sunday children’s groups, and a through-the-week church centre.  As many of you know, the price we originally anticipated (around £500,000) rose steeply to over £750,000 when we put the work out to tender.  A deep intake of breath followed.  Towards the end of March we held a day of prayer to seek God’s guidance. 

The PCC met at the end of that day and felt it right to invite the church to pledge more money towards the new price over a three week period.  Staggeringly, just under £200,000 more was pledged.  This total, when Gift Aid is added, along with a grant from the Diocese, brings us to within the necessary 90% of the price.

The news gets better.  John Steed, our Project Manager, has worked with the quantity surveyor and contractor to bring the price down.  They succeeded in bringing it down to around £680,000, a figure that includes creating the large opening in the west wall.  That sum is strikingly close to the sum we have available.  Praise God for this provision and – the PCC felt – clear guidance!

At Monday’s meeting, the PCC also authorised a budget of £15,000 for improvements to the audio and visual technology in the church.  Separate legacy reserves will be used for this urgent work.

For now, please pray that we can quickly and satisfactorily provide the financial details the Chancellor of the Diocese needs to authorise the works to begin on the West Wing.  Many of us have pledges to fulfil, perhaps from the first round of pledging.  Let’s pray for God to enable us all in that process.  And pause to give glory to Father, Son and Holy Spirit.     


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