Pew news 27th May 2018

Vicar’s Column

Next Sunday we will have a name amnesty.  We haven’t had one for a while, so let me explain what it’s all about and encourage you to join in. 

I can almost guarantee that there are people in church who you talk to regularly, but whose name you still do not know.  It gets to the stage when it feels embarrassing to ask. 

In the Bible, knowing a person “by name” means knowing the real them.  One of the most privileged moments in the Bible is when the LORD revealed his name in all its significance to Moses (Exodus 3:14).  When Jesus wanted to express his knowledge and love towards each of his people, he says that he calls them “by name” (John 10:3).

Christ Church is now too big to know everyone by name.  That’s a positive sign of growth.  But we would all want to know more names than we do.

I think the embarrassment we feel about asking people’s names is unnecessary.  In my experience, no one is offended when you say, “I’m so sorry.  I have never got your name clearly in my head, and I would like to put that right.  Please tell me again”.  Nevertheless, that takes a bit of courage.  A name amnesty is a way of discovering names without having to ask.

So, next Sunday is the names amnesty.  Except it’s better than an amnesty, because in an amnesty you have to confess!  Here, there is no need to admit you never knew the name, but you can get it anyway. 

When you arrive in church next week, you will be invited to write your name on a label and stick it proudly on your person.  No one will force you, but it would be a kindness to join in!   We can all use it as an opportunity to get clear on those names you wish we knew. 







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