Students and 20s


Whether you're just starting as a new student, finishing your final year, starting out as a young professional or anywhere in between - we'd love to welcome you into our Church family.

We think you'd love our 18:30 service (Talks & Video), aimed more at students and 20s, it provides contemporary worship (a mix of songs and hymns), a relaxed atmosphere, and great food after the service (a hot meal served after the service on the 3rd Sunday of the month, and homemade cakes every week). (See Sunday services).

If you're a student, getting involved in a church is a great way to meet new people of all ages and take some time-out from the 'student bubble'! (see fellowship groups).

After the service and refreshments, we often head down to the Portrait pub to meet with other students and 20s from local churches for a beer (or hot chocolate!). We've also had various socials, such as Quasar, paintball, Open Mic Night, pub trips and lots more. Keep up to date by joining our Facebook group.


Students' Stories



(Theatre Design, Rose Bruford College)

For the first 2 years of university I went to another local church. It wasn’t until the end of the 2nd year when I met my friends Becky, Lydia and Rachel that I heard about Christ Church. I liked my old church but also struggled to feel part of it because it is so big. I came from a Church of England background and wanted to find a church that felt more like home. One Sunday morning, I joined Becky, Lydia and Rachel at Christ Church. I found the service very engaging, it felt a lot like my church back at home, and I felt like this is the church I needed to attend. The church family was very welcoming; Families invited me to lunch and supported my work by coming to see shows I designed.



(Acting, Rose Bruford College)

One of the first things I thought when I entered Christ Church was: “My Goodness, I have missed hymns!” Christ Church has a welcoming atmosphere, strong theological teaching, and perhaps better still I encountered some of the most wonderful people who I shall love and adore as my dearest friends for the rest of my life. I was extremely moved by the support and teaching I received at Christ Church, and were it not for my time at church, I don’t know how I would have got through the tougher times at University. Christ Church can be described as a family, so if you are seeking a family to be around you and you have a little bit of a hankering for the beautiful older traditions of Church then Christ Church could be an excellent church for you.



(Sport Science Graduate, Leeds University)

After I graduating from uni, I moved back home to Sidcup and started working as a Teaching Assistant. I love the new evening service as it's something a bit different from the morning. It's great to hear people share what God's doing in their life, and there's more space for music and creative arts, there's even been rap and spoken word. After the service, a lot of us go to the pub to meet up with other people our age from a neighbouring church and have some drinks and a chat (or hot chocolate and a game of darts!). Christ Church suits me as I don't like services with really loud music and flashing lights, I prefer a more reflective style and a mixture of modern hymns as well as songs.