If you are interested in getting married at Christ Church please contact Tom Parsons, the Vicar.

It will be important to figure out whether you have what’s called a ‘qualifying connection’ to Christ Church’s parish – the area of Sidcup we cover.  See parish map.  For a list of qualifying connections, go to

Why marry?

Marriage is not just a piece of paper. It’s a public commitment that has huge emotional and legal power for the couple and their children. Sometimes people say it’s only a piece of paper, when in fact they fear that commitment.

Why a church wedding?

The vows, prayers and music in a church wedding highlight God’s plan and role in your married life.

Do I have to be a church-goer?

No, if you live in the parish, you can marry here.

What’s the cost difference between a church
or non-church wedding?

Our 2015 price for a wedding, including ceremony, banns of marriage, rehearsal, organist, certificates and staff on the day is £570. Most of this is the statutory fee. A small registry office wedding (with maximum 4 guests) is considerably less. But most venues for more people have a hire fee and there can be fees for the attendance of the registrar, plus statutory fees for registration. In many cases, church will be cheaper.

What if one or both of us is divorced?

We take this question on a case by case basis, but try to be more focused on the future than the past. You are warmly invited to contact the vicar and chat it through.

How do I investigate further or start the process?

Phone or email the vicar to fix a time to meet and talk more. (Tom Parsons 020 8308 0835,

Christ Church is a lovely venue for a wedding.
As a church we believe we can highlight what a
wedding elsewhere may not:
God’s plans for your marriage.